Scam Forex Broker

For all …
Hello … I want to share my simple experience with “Trading Point“, i will start from the beginning story.
2 weeks ago, 2 of my old friends come to me and ask about forex trading to me, they believe me because i’am trading since 2007. both of them are really seriously want to enter this investment, the first is OPK (name initial), she want to invest about Rp. 100.000.000,- ($10.526) and she said she will try for $2000 first on mid of march and will reinvest at april. the second is MO (name intial), he plan to invest about Rp.,- ($210.526) but he will start at june.
Last week OPK (name initial) ask me to help her to open an account, then i try to find good forex broker and register an affiliate program then register OPK (name initial) under my affiliate. my final choice is “Trading Point” because it’s FSA regulated and have an affiliate program.
Picture below is show first affiliate registration proccess
Picture below show that i aprroved as “Trading Point” affiliate under their “Pip Affiliates” Program

Picture below show that my affiliate manager is “Diana Munoz”
I just think all already O.K (name initial), i install simple banner on my site. so.. it’s easy to click. First time i ask OPK (name initial) to open new account by click my banner, and ask her to complete all required document.
One day after OPK (name initial) account registration, she call me and she said her account have a problem and ask me to open new one. i don’t ask for further, i just open new account for her. after registration complete, i send all registration data to OPK (name initial) and ask her to complete the required document and also chat to Trading Point live chat to help her.
Picture below show 1st OPK (name initial) account, but have a problem so.. it’s not used
Picture below show 2nd OPK (name initial) account, she used this one
After all registration complete, i teach her step by step to make deposit and all done. After all done, i explain all risk on this investment and i told to OPK (name initial), i will give her trading signal with StopLoss and Profit Target, and ask her to open max 0.1 Lot on every position.
After 2nd OPK (name initial) account registered, my affiliate manager has changed, now is “Sophie Zakrzewska”
I try to explore my affiliate cabinet, OPK (name initial) registered account approved, but i find no sale by me
I try mail to my affiliate manager, to ask about profit share calculation. but i got no response

Today, i take a chat with OPK (name initial) and ask about her account, she said, almost burned, i check my affiliate cabinet, and i still got nothing, i dont think to contact my affiliate manager anymore. It’s better to find another forex broker. i just start this blog and i ask for OPK investor password and publish her statistics for an evidence.

Below are OPK trading statistic:
at Myfxbook
at FXStat (show as 4XP forex broker when i connect the account)
at mt4stats (Failed, i can access investor password only)

JUST STAY AWAY FROM “TRADING POINT“. This case show that this broker is  DISHONEST

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